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2017伤感英文名言:He wouldnt let me how can cry to cry

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Introspection always makes you communicate with the innerself, but too much of introspection can make you scale the altitude of selfpity. 孤独有益于一个人审视自己的行为,自省总是会使你与你的心灵有所交流。但是过度的自省,却会使我们总感觉遗憾。


You can put a knife in a man and draw it out. It won't matter how many times you say I am sorry, the wound is still there. A verbal wound is as bad as a physical one. 你用刀刺伤一个人,可以把刀拔出来。但是,无论你说多少遍对不起都没有用,因为伤还在那里。言语比刀更要糟糕。


When you can't remember why you're hurt, that's when you're healed. 有一天,当你发现再也记不起为了什么而受伤,那就是痊愈之时。


The world puts off its mask of vastness to its lover. It becomes small as one song, as one kiss of the eternal. 世界对着它的爱人,把它浩瀚的面具揭下了。它变小了,小如一首歌,小如一回永恒的亲吻 (泰戈尔)


Life consists not in holdiing good cards but in playing those you hold well. 生活不在于你有一副好牌,而在于你如何打好手上的这副牌。


You have to spoil yourself, give yourself the best support when you need it most.Like when you're depressed, when you feel you really cannot live anymore,cannot go on anymore. 当你最需要的时候、在你失意、在你感到再也活不下去、再也无法继续下去之时,你必须宠自己,给自己最佳的支持。


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Beauty is as summer fruits ,which are easy to corrupt ,and cannot last; and for the most part it makes a dissolute youth, and an age a little out of countenance. 美有如盛夏的水果,容易腐烂而难保持的,世上有许多美人,他们有过放荡青春,却迎受着愧悔的晚年。 (培根)


When one memorized and looked back to what he had experienced,he would't regret for the precious years he wasted,and he would't either be shamed for living in idleness and achieving nothing.当他回首往事的时候,他不会因为虚度年华而悔恨,也不会因为碌碌无为而羞耻


From tomorrow on, I will care foodstuff and vegetable. Living in a house towards the sea, with spring blossoms. 从明天起 关心粮食和蔬菜 我有一所房子 面朝大海 春暖花开


God gives every bird its food ,but he does not throw it into its nest. Wherever you want to go, whatever you want to do, it is truly up to you. 上帝给了鸟儿食物,但他没有将食物扔到它们的巢里。不管你想要去哪里,不管你想要做什么,真正做决定的还是你自己。


The past is gone and static. Nothing we can do will change it. The futureis before us and dynamic. Everything we do will affect it. 往昔已逝,静如止水;我们无法再作改变。而前方的未来正生机勃勃,我们所做的每一件事都将会影响着它。


Do not explain yourself to anyone for the person like you needn't it and others won't believe you. 永远不要向任何人解释你自己。因为喜欢你的人不需要,而不喜欢你的人不会相信。


When your friends encounter setbacks, you can offer them a hand and help them out. The essence of friendship lies in reciprocal help and share of happiness and sorrows. 在朋友遇到困难、受到挫折时,伸出援助之手帮对方度过难关。既为朋友,就意味着相互承担着排忧解难、欢乐与共的义务。


Today I shed my old skin, which has too long suffered the bruises of failure and the wounds of mediocrity.Today I begin a new life. 今天,我爬出满是失败创伤的老茧。今天,我开始新的生活。


When two persons anger with each other,there is a long distance between their hearts.So they quarrel loudly to fill it.It's the reason for lovers talking in low voice.当两个人相互愤怒的时候,他们的心和心相距很远,为了填补这段距离,他们大声争吵。这也是恋爱时为什么喃喃低语的原因。


One can not show high ideals without simple living. One can not have lofty aspirations without a peaceful state of mind. 非淡泊无以明志,非宁静无以致远。


It can be inferred that you lack confidence in a victory over your rivals from the fact that you are irritable against them. 如果敌人让你生气,那说明你还没有胜他的把握


That sometimes all a person needs is a hand to hold and a heart to understand. 有时候,一个人想要的只是一只可握的手和一颗感知的心。


In front of the person you love, winter seems like spring. But in front of the person you like, winter is just beautiful winter. 在你爱的人面前,冬天像春天一样。在你喜欢的人面前,冬天只是一个美丽的冬天。


If you live to be a hundred, I want to live tobe a hundred minus one day so I never have to live without you. 假如你的寿命是1xx年,那我希望自己活到100岁的前一天,因为那样我的生命中每天都有你。


Only few people know that life is beautiful for lacking something. The so-called turning-around is that u not only miss the sun in day time but also the stars at night. —只有很少的人才懂得,人生是因为缺憾而美丽,而所谓的回头,只不过是丢掉了白天的太阳之后,又错过了夜晚的星星。


:If one day, you into my heart, you'll cry because there is full of you. If one day, I went into your heart, I also will cry, because there is no me. ------如果,有一天,你走进我心里,你会哭,因为那里全是你。如果,有一天,我走进你心里,我也会哭,因为那里没有我


Comparing yourself with others will only give you two things: either you feel proud when you are above, or you feel jealous and intimidated when you are below.Be yourself. 和人比较会带来两个后果:要么在你胜人一筹时感到自豪,要么在你比上不足时感到嫉妒和羞愧。做自己会轻松些。


Everyone of the people who says she or he does'n want to be in love .There must be someone without possibility in their hearts. 每个说不想谈恋爱的人,心里都装着一个不可能的人。


A correct concept of value resolves it if you satisfy your life .And a intellectual outlook on life will lead the way to a better life. 正确的价值观决定了你是否对生活感到满足,理智的人生观指引一条通向更好生活的路。


Happiness is a butterfly, which ,when pursued, is always just beyond your grasp, but which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you. (N. Hawthorn)幸福是一只蝴蝶,你要追逐它的时候,总是追不到;但是如果你悄悄地坐下来,它也许会飞落到你身上。


What will matter is not what you got, but what you gave. What will matter is not how many people you knew ,but how many will feel a lasting loss when you are gone. 重要的不是你得到了什么,而是你给予了什么。重要的不是你认识多少人,而是在你离开后,多少人会认为是个永远的损失。


It is the time you havewasted for your rose that makes your rose so important. 你在你的玫瑰花身上耗费的时间,使得你的玫瑰花变得如此重要。〔小王子〕

,2017伤感英文名言:He wouldnt let me how can cry to cry

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